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Madera Elementary School


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    Dear Simi Valley Schools Community:


    In preparation for the potential of having some or all of our schools reopening next month, we’re asking our parents and guardians to please complete the survey in the link HERE. We have also linked a document HERE that provides comprehensive information on what measures will be followed to best ensure everyone’s health and safety while on our campuses and facilities.


    Currently there are two possibilities for reopening schools in some format. The first would be if SVUSD applies for and is granted a waiver from the County of Ventura. Under the current waiver guidelines, ONLY elementary grades (JK/TK through 5th grades and the 6th graders at elementary schools) would be allowed to return. The waiver was created by the State of California to allow elementary schools to reopen when the county remains on the State’s watchlist. Our Board of Education will discuss the issue of applying for a waiver at the September 29 Special Board meeting.


    The other option for returning to in-person instruction comes from Ventura County’s COVID-19 numbers improving enough to take us to the next tier (red tier). Our county’s numbers are close right now to meeting that benchmark, so it is entirely possible that we could be allowed to reopen under the red tier even before we could obtain a waiver. The benefit to this is that ALL grades can return to in-person instruction, not just elementary.


    This survey needs to be completed for EVERY child in your family who attends a Simi Valley Unified School District school.


    If you choose to have your child remain in the virtual model, you are committing to staying in the virtual model through the end of the 2020-2021 school year. This is because the classroom cohorts are carefully created with both staffing needs and space requirements in consideration to accommodate both learning models.


    For elementary families only: You will be asked about returning to campus for in-person instruction under a Ventura County waiver and then you will be asked the same question again for returning to campus if ALL schools reopen (under a positive shift in the County’s COVID-19 numbers.


    Please complete and return this survey BEFORE 8 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 25. It is vital that everyone receiving this email complete this survey.


    Thank you.


    Estimada comunidad de las escuelas de Simi Valley:


    En preparación para potencialmente tener algunas o todas las escuelas abiertas para el próximo mes, les estamos pidiendo a los padres de familia o tutores legales que por favor llenen un cuestionario en ESTE ENLACE. También hemos incluido AQUÍ un documento con información extensa sobre las medidas que seguiremos para proteger la seguridad y la salud de todos en nuestras escuelas e instalaciones.


    En este momento existen dos posibilidades para la reapertura de las escuelas. La primera sería si el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Simi Valley aplica para y le otorgan un “waiver” (extensión) de parte del Condado de Ventura. Las pautas del waiver en este momento, SOLAMENTE aplican para que los grados en la primaria (JK/TK  al 5º. grado, y el 6º. grado en una escuela primaria) sean permitidos a regresar a las escuelas en persona. El waiver fue creado por el estado de California para permitir que las escuelas primarias vuelvan a abrir aun cuando el condado todavía permanece la lista “de seguimiento” del estado. Nuestra Junta Directiva de Educación discutirá el asunto para aplicar para un waiver en una reunión especial el día 29 de septiembre.


    La otra opción para regresar a instrucción en persona sería si los números de Covid-19 del Condado de Ventura hacen que pasemos al siguiente nivel (rojo). Los números del condado están cerca en este momento de llenar el requisito, así que es muy posible que nos sea permitido volver a abrir las escuelas en el nivel rojo, aún antes de recibir aprobación del waiver. El beneficio con esto es que TODOS los grados pueden regresar a tener instrucción en persona, no sólo la primaria.


    Este cuestionario necesita ser sometido por CADA niño/a en su familia que asiste a las escuelas del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Simi Valley.


    Si usted opta que su hijo/a permanezca en el modelo virtual, usted se está comprometiendo a permanecer en ese modelo hasta fines del ciclo escolar 2020-2021. La razón es debido a que los grupos para las clases serán creados cuidadosamente para llenar los requisitos de las necesidades de personal y el espacio, y así poder acomodar los dos modelos de aprendizaje.


    Solamente para las familias en la primaria: El cuestionario le preguntará sobre regresar a la escuela para instrucción en persona con el waiver del Condado de Ventura y luego se le hará la misma pregunta de nuevo para regresar a la escuela si TODAS las escuelas abren (bajo un cambio positivo en los números de Covid-19 en el condado).


    Por favor llene y someta el cuestionario ANTES de las 8 a.m. del día viernes 25 de septiembre. Es importante que todos los que reciban este mensaje llenen el cuestionario.




    Dear Simi Valley Schools Community:


    Today marks one month since we returned to school for the 2020-2021 school year. I want to personally thank all of our families, students, and staff for their patience while we continue to navigate many issues along the road of Virtual Instruction. While we always knew that this educational mode would not be ideal for most of our families, I am relieved to see that, thanks to the creativity, professionalism, and commitment of our teachers and support staff, the majority of our students are learning.


    There has been a lot of talk in our community about returning to schools, obtaining county waivers, and the state’s tier system for determining when our county may allow the reopening of schools, businesses, and other organizations. I would like to update our community specifically on what we face for a partial or full reopening of our Simi Valley Unified School District schools.


    Currently we are looking at two possibilities to reopen in some format. The first would be if we apply for and are granted a waiver from the County of Ventura. Under the current waiver guidelines, ONLY elementary grades (JK/TK through 5thgrades and the 6th graders at elementary schools) would be allowed to return. Our Board of Education will discuss the issue of applying for a waiver at the September 29 Special Board meeting, and in anticipation of this meeting, we will issue a short survey to our families to determine how many students would return for in-person instruction to our schools, should we pursue and be approved for a waiver. 


    The other option for returning to in-person instruction comes from our county’s COVID numbers improving enough to take us to the next tier (red tier), which would allow us to reopen in about four weeks from the point that we first reach the red tier. Our county’s numbers are very close right now to meeting that benchmark, so it is entirely possible that we could be allowed to reopen under the red tier even before we obtain a waiver. The benefit to this is that ALL grades can return to in-person instruction, not just elementary. 


    If we reopen in this manner (improved numbers) we assume that we will also be allowed to reopen Justin Early Learners Academy (JELA) and the Simi Institute for Careers & Education (SICE) for in-person instruction. We will confirm this if and when we near the opening.


    Because of the likelihood of success with either of these possibilities, we should all start planning for the return of students to our campuses.


    With either scenario, please make note of a couple of important points for the JK/TK to 12th grade families. The first point is that we know that we will have families who cannot or will not return to in-person instruction at this time. For those families, we will continue to offer Virtual Instruction, as we promised. The second point is that regardless of how we return to school, because of social distancing guidelines, we will have to return to in-person instruction in the Hybrid Model, where students are on campus for a partial day and will continue to have some work to complete online at home


    I expect that there will be a wide range of opinions on the issue of reopening. Please know that when schools open, the Simi Valley Unified School District will do all it can do to have safe environments for our students and staff. Of course, there are limitations to what we can do, but our Hybrid Model and our safety protocols have been approved by the County of Ventura for use when the time comes to open for in-person instruction.


    FOR OUR ELEMENTARY PARENTS: Over the last year, we have brought in three elementary counselors to serve your children’s needs. Based out of the District Office, each counselor is assigned to a group of elementary schools. Our counselors are Mrs. Kelli Sparks, Ms. Laura Doyan, and Ms. Caitlyn McKee. They have created a wonderful short introductory video about what they offer for our families. The link to that video is HERE. They also have a website with contact information. That link is HERE. These current times present heightened concerns about our students' emotional needs. Please know that all of our counselors are here to provide help and resources to you, our families. (Information and contacts about our secondary counselors can be found on each school's website.)


    The past six months have been incredibly challenging for all of us and I am grateful for our community’s tolerance and patience during this time. We will of course update you to any changes as we move through these next couple of weeks. Thank you again for entrusting us with your children. It is an honor that we take very seriously. 


    Dr. Jason Peplinski
    District Superintendent


    Estimada Comunidad Escolar de Simi Valley:


    Hoy marcamos un mes desde el regreso a clases para el ciclo escolar 2020-2021. Quiero agradecer personalmente a todos nuestros estudiantes familias y personal por su paciencia mientras continuamos navegando a través de los problemas en el camino de la instrucción virtual. Mientras que sabíamos que este modelo educativo no sería el ideal para la mayoría de nuestras familias, siento un gran alivio al ver que, gracias a la creatividad, profesionalismo y compromiso de nuestros maestros y personal de apoyo, la mayoría de los estudiantes están aprendiendo.


    Se ha platicado mucho en nuestra comunidad sobre el regreso a las escuelas, obtener una exención del condado, y sobre el sistema estatal de niveles para determinar si nuestro condado puede permitir la reapertura de escuelas, negocios y otras organizaciones. Quisiera darles una actualización específicamente sobre a qué nos encaramos para la reapertura parcial o completa de nuestras escuelas en el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Simi Valley.


    Actualmente estamos considerando dos posibilidades de reapertura de ciertas maneras. La primera sería si aplicamos al condado de Ventura y nos otorgan una exención. Bajo los lineamientos vigentes, SOLAMENTE se permitiría el retorno de las primarias (JK/TK a 5° grado y los estudiantes de 6° grado de las escuelas primarias). En la reunión extraordinaria del 29 de septiembre, nuestra Junta Directiva de Educación discutirá el tema de someter la aplicación de la exención, y en anticipación de esta reunión, enviaremos una breve encuesta para determinar cuántos estudiantes regresarían a nuestras escuelas para instrucción en persona, si es que solicitamos y si es que se nos aprueba esa exención.  


    La otra opción para regresar a instrucción en persona proviene en que las cifras de covid de nuestro condado mejoren lo suficiente para ponernos en el siguiente nivel (nivel rojo), que nos permitiría reabrir a las cuatro semanas del momento en que alcancemos nivel rojo. Las cifras de nuestro condado están muy cerca de alcanzar está marca, por lo que es completamente posible que se nos permitiría la reapertura dentro del nivel rojo, inclusive antes de obtener la exención. El beneficio de esto sería que TODOS los grados regresarían a la instrucción en persona, no solamente las primarias.


    Debido a la probabilidad de poder lograr cualquiera de estas posibilidades, todos deberíamos empezar a planear el regreso de los estudiantes a nuestros planteles. 


    Bajo cualquier escenario, por favor tomen nota de un par de puntos importantes. El primer punto es que debemos reconocer que tendremos familias que no podrán o no querrán regresar en estos momentos a la instrucción en persona. Para esas familias, continuaremos ofreciendo instrucción virtual, como ya lo habíamos prometido. El segundo punto es que a sin importar cómo regresemos a las escuelas, debido a los lineamientos de distanciamiento social, regresaremos a la instrucción en persona dentro del modelo híbrido, en dónde los estudiantes están en el plantel durante parte del día y continuarán teniendo algo de trabajo que completar en línea en sus casas. 


    Yo tengo la expectativa que habrá un amplio rango de opiniones sobre el tema de reapertura. Por favor sepan que, cuando se abran las escuelas, el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Simi Valley hará todo lo que pueda para tener entornos seguros para nuestros estudiantes y empleados. Por supuesto, existen limitantes a lo que podemos hacer, pero nuestro modelo híbrido y nuestros protocolos han sido aprobados por el condado de Ventura para ser usados cuando llegue el momento de abrir para instrucción en persona.


    PARA NUESTROS PADRES DE LAS ESCUELAS PRIMARIAS: A lo largo de este año pasado, hemos contratado a tres consejeras estudiantiles para primarias para ayudar con las necesidades de nuestros estudiantes. Trabajando desde las oficinas del Distrito, cada una de las consejeras tiene asignado un grupo de escuelas primarias. Nuestras consejeras estudiantiles son las Sra. Kelli Sparks, Srita. Laura Doyan, y Srita.  Caitlyn McKee. Ellas crearon un maravilloso video de introducción breve sobre lo que les ofrecen a nuestras familias. El enlace a este video se encuentra AQUÍ. Estos momentos actuales en los que vivimos presentan preocupaciones exacerbadas sobre las necesidades emocionales de nuestros estudiantes. Por favor sepan que nuestras consejeras se encuentran aquí para proporcionarles ayuda y recursos a ustedes nuestras familias. (La información y contactos de nuestros consejeros estudiantiles de secundaria y preparatoria se encuentra en los sitios web de cada escuela).


    Los últimos seis meses han sido increíblemente desafiantes para todos nosotros y estoy agradecido por la tolerancia y paciencia de nuestra comunidad durante estos momentos. Por supuesto que les avisaremos de cualquier cambio al paso de estas siguientes semanas. Gracias por confiarnos a sus hijos. Es un honor que tomamos seriamente.


    Dr. Jason Peplinski
    Superintendente del Distrito

    Madera Elementary School 
    A Civic Leadership Academy

    Madera will develop thoughtful citizens and empower young leaders to become active members in their school, community and government.

    Virtual Schedule


    Mondays: 9 to 11 a.m. Tuesdays through Fridays: 8 to 10:30 a.m.


    Mondays: 12:10 to 2:10 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays: 11:40 a.m. to 2:10 p.m.

    Virtual Help

    Dear Simi Valley School Families:

    We know that there are many small and large issues happening with the technology aspect of Virtual Instruction. We extended the range of help available to our families to specifically help families and students with their virtual instruction needs beyond the technical issues. Please read the following carefully.

    CALL THE HELP DESK (805) 306-4500, EXTENSION 4811

    Beginning Monday, when you call the IT Help Desk, you will have the option to ask for “Parent Support for Virtual Learning,” (press 1) or “Parent and Student Technical Support” (press 2). This service will be available from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    When you choose “Parent Support for Virtual Learning,” you will be connected with one our Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs). Our TOSAs train other teachers in how to use our technology tools in the classroom. They will be able to assist you with most questions concerning Google Classroom and other Google applications, Zoom, how to turn in assignments, resetting your District passwords and more.  

    When you choose “Parent and Student Technical Support,” you will be connected to a technician in the IT Department who can help you with problems concerning the Chromebooks, Internet HotSpots and other devices that may not be working correctly. 


    Beginning Monday, you will be able to use this LINK to access a live Zoom “call” with our TOSAs. With Zoom, you will be able to share your computer or device screen, which will allow them to see what your problem might be and better guide you. This service will be available from Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


    Our third option for help is to contact our TOSAs through our new email account, Send us your concerns and we will route them to the appropriate person for an answer. If you are emailing us, it will help to know your child’s full name and identification number along with the issues. You can even send screenshots. Most questions will be answered Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    We hope that this additional help, in conjunction with the assistance already being offered by your IT department’s Help Desk, will alleviate most of the lingering issues with getting our students online, logged into their classes and learning.

    We again thank you for your patience as we navigate these solutions for Virtual Learning.

    Recipient of Civic Learning Award of Merit

    Madera Elementary School has earned the California Department of Education Civic Learning Award of Merit for three years in a row! The Civic Learning Award for public schools is co-sponsored by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson and California Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye. They recognize and value the important role of public schools to prepare students to participate in our democracy, and have a partnership to support civic education in California. The awards are designed to celebrate successful efforts to engage students in civic learning and to identify successful models that can be replicated in other schools.

    "When young people discover they can be agents of changes, wonderful things happen.They start to serve in the neighborhoods, learn about public issues, create innovative solutions to tough public challenges and eventually become the voters, community project builders and leaders in our communities and nation. Central to this transformation from spectator to citizen is an understanding of communities and nation. Central to this transformation from spectator to citizen is an understanding of who we are as Americans, our core democratic values, and the roles individuals can play."

    --Alma Powell

    Contact Us

    250 Royal Avenue
    Simi Valley, CA 93065

    Any fax numbers that appear on this site go directly to the district office, not to Madera. Please email Julie Killian at for records requests.

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    This link will take you directly to to support the Madera PTA. Once there, you can search in the list of charities for "Madera PTA." It will pull up our account and you can select it as your charity. From then on, anytime you make an Amazon purchase through the link, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the cost of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Madera PTA whenever you shop on AmazonSmile.