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News and Events



News and Events

Fall season is here!!!

This season is going to be exciting with many events and news in and around the school.

Pumpkin patch in simi valley is around the corner. I saw the stalls being set up and the rides

We have our make up picture day on October 3 for those who were not satisfied with the pictures taken or were absent on the day of picture day.We have PTA conferences coming up from October 17 to October 24.

We have another event called walk or bike to school on October 4th. It is about students walking or biking to school.This event can save the environment by not wasting petrol or diesel (natural resources), and it will also save the trees. Let us conserve energy and save our environment. The next event coming up after walk or bike to school is the harvest and auction.This event is on October 20 and is a really fun event for all.The event will have games and lot of other things also to do.

Lunch DJs

At Madera Elementary there are clubs that students can be in,for example,the lunch dj club.What you do when you join the lunch dj club is that at every lunch recess you bring out a music box with a disco ball on top of it.The students who have joined the club get to pick out a song from the kids bop selection and pandora.The students in the club may only pick appropriate songs so that's why Madera Elementary is using the kids bop selection and pandora because the songs are for kids.The students can dance and have fun while the recess is going.The music will not be playing at lunch eating time because music may be a distraction to certain kids and students need to eat their lunch.Madera will pick 2 new dj’s per month.The lunch dj club will only be playing on fridays upper grade lunch recess.Only the djs will only be using the ipad to play music.

  • Layla

Advice Column Welcome

Advice Column Welcome

By Carly T

The advice column is coming soon so students who need advice can ask the school newspaper. The Advice Box will be in the Office soon. Please Do Not Ask questions like…

  1. Life or death Questions. ( ask about that to an adult)

  2. Inappropriate Questions.

  3. Questions that share private information

  4. And Unnecessary Questions.

 So ask away!!!

School Elections

Election by Samantha.Y and Rita.G

The elections were on September 29 at 8:30. The people who ran for president are Sasha, Kayla, Layla, Thomas, Hayley, and Dillon. The people who ran for vice president are Shyann, Kyla, Liz, and Simran. The people who ran for historian are Samantha and Amber. Last for secretary Addison. The winners are Dillon for president Simran for vice president Samantha for historian and Addison for secretary. Congratulations to everyone who ran. Thank you to Ms.Cadwell for doing student council for our school.

Issue #001

Welcome to Madera Elementary's Online Newspaper

Our online newspaper is published by our Journalism Club students in 4th-6th grade with minimal editing by the club advisor. Students are able to choose their topics and interests. 

Friendly Faces of Madera

Friendly Faces of Madera

Ms. Brynn is a face we all see in the office and around campus but do we really know her?  Let’s get to know her. I really challenged Ms. Brynn, she said “It made her think.”  Ms. Brynn grew up in the valley and moved to Simi Valley in high school.  She has three children and started working as a office manager nine years ago.  She has been at Madera for two years and enjoys the kids she sees everyday.  

It is a bonus that she gets to work in her own kids room, she is an art docent in sixth grade.  Outside of school she loves working with kids in a theatre group and is making Elf right now.  She also loves animals she use to have chickens, but now she only has three dogs.  Her favorite music artists are Lady Gaga and Adele.  She loves eating Mexican food and fruit to be healthy.  Some people may not have known she is a big Disney fan and loves the color orange.  She is hoping that she will soon be able to visit Hawaii.  Now when you see Ms. Brynn around Madera you have a little more knowledge about her.  


Colton K.


Meet The Teacher

By Rita G.

Mrs. Vyas’ inspiration to become a teacher were her own kids she wanted to help them so she became a teacher and fell in love with it. She hopes that all the students she has enjoy school, go to college and love to learn as much as she loves to teach. She is always looking for things to work on. She considers herself a work in progress.Her heroes are here mom, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Teresa. The best part about her job are the students,she loves them. She taught 5 different grades. Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade and adults. She is currently teaching second grade. She went through six years of college and has her master degree. Her favorite book is Atlas Shrugged. Her favorite author is Maya Angelou.                                      She loves to teach very much.


By Katelyn M.

What the K- kids do for Others                                                                                    

In the  school their is a club could K-kids they help out in the environment and around the school.They also back lunches for the homeless. The k-kids make the life at this  school a lot easier.     The club cleans up our school. They are big help. K-kids  recycle all the trash in the school well most of it. The k-kids help the elder with stuff to like getting up and (e.t.c). They clean up our trash all the time, so it would be a lot easier if you help by picking up your own trash that would help them a lot. The club is also doing a fundraiser to collect different supplies and giving it to Texas.That is really nice.

If you are in the k-kids club I would give you a round of applause because you are doing a great at your job.     

Super Science

Super Science

By Kayla M.

What subject does everyone like? What subject is cool, but educational at the same time? What subject has elements and explosions? If you said science, then you are right! Science is this month’s favorite subject! A lot of people like science because of how fun it is.

Other people say that it is very educational (teachers) which is why it is a very good subject to have in school. Science in my class doesn’t have explosions or mixing solids or liquids (yet), but our class still loves it! We get to take cool notes about whatever we are studying, right now being our solar system, which is very fascinating! Sometimes, we get to draw what we see or what we are imagining, and many others and I LOVE to draw. We get to take close-up looks of the stars and planets, and we get to draw them with chalk or in our notebooks! I love science in my class, and I can guess it’s as cool as the other science classes too!

Hurricane Harvey Affects Schools

By Walid A.

Hurricane Harvey struck Texas on August 26 and it ended on September 3rd, but how did it affect schools and students in Texas?

More than 160 Texas public School Districts closed because of Hurricane Harvey, a lot of students were at school that time so if all the schools combined together it will be 1 Million Students that got affected by Hurricane Harvey, Carranza said that he is going to fix the school disasters in Houston, He is a Superintendent that worked for the Houston School District.

So like i said how it affected schools but it still affected a lot of students and people, some schools closed, you think that’s bad, well in Houston a class would have 20 to 25 kids, But now because of the hurricane a lot of schools closed in Houston because of the destruction so now there are 30 to 35 kids per class for some schools that didn’t get affected by the hurricane, so   a lot of kids went to other schools, and some others were closed, and some schools were used as shelters during the hurricane, but every school now in Houston did a good thing, the Houston school district turned every school to a feeding place where anyone i mean anyone a homeless guy, a poor guy with no money for food can just enter the school and get food, everyday even if you weren't affected by the hurricane you can still go in there and eat, but sadly only Houston schools do that so if you were affected by the hurricane but in another city and you don't have money for food then you have to go to houston schools to eat for free anyone can eat for free there.

Hurricane Harvey affected schools and students in Texas, but thanks to Houston district a lot of people are getting food for free, and that's a good thing for people that were affected by Hurricane Harvey, but another good thing is that the Hurricane was over.



by Riley B.  

I have gone to this show for five years in a row.This was the best one yet. Did you see that amazing backflip?! They even jumped over Mrs.Denner!! It is mind blowing how these guys could take their feet off the pedals and do crazy tricks. Also, the high fives from the guys was super cool.

How to Be a Great Leader

By Sophia C.

Want to know some students stepping up to be leaders for student council ?I have interviewed students and what they are running for. So what exactly does it take to run for student council?

To be a great leader you must “be good at public speaking and be committed to the job,” says Samantha E., who is running for historian. Kyla J. who is running for vice president says, “ Making the right decisions and making people feel safe” is what is takes to be a leader. Shyann H. who is running for vice president also says, “being honest, truthful, and compassionate,” is what it takes to run for student council. Haley Brennan who is running for president says, “ it takes responsibility and being a good person.”   Layla C., who is also running for president  believes, “you need to care about Madera,take on responsibility, and to put the students before yourself.”

Want to know some catchy slogans our candidates created? Dillon S., who is running for president slogan is “Don't be a villain, vote for Dillon.”Kayla M., who is also running for President slogan is “I am the missing piece.” Liz L. who is running for vice president created the slogan, “Have no fear, Liz is here.”

Congrations to are new student council leaders and thank you for participating and volunteering to help our school.  

Dodgers vs. Giants

By Andrew M.

The Dodgers vs Giants

This game was played on Friday night, September 22nd, 2017 at 7:10 p.m. at Dodger’s stadium.  Rich Hill pitched for the Dodgers and Jeff Samardzija was the pitcher for the Giants. There were two home runs hit: The first home run was a three-run shot by Cody Bellinger in the third inning that gave the Dodgers a 4-1 lead, and the second home run was a solo home run by Pablo Sandoval in the ninth inning off of Dodger closer Kenley Jansen that gave the Giants their second and final run of the game. The Dodgers won 4-2 and with the victory, they won their fifth consecutive National league West title.

After the game, there was a fireworks show to celebrate the Dodger’s victory and former Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda’s 90th birthday. Many fans stayed for the show and player celebration on the field.  

Dave Roberts joined Tommy Lasorda as the only Dodger manager’s  to win National League West titles in their first two seasons in Dodger history.

Last postseason the Dodgers lost to the world series champion Chicago Cubs, but this year the Dodgers look to advance further than last year and win the world series in 2017.  Los Angeles will open the National league championship series at Dodger stadium on October 6th.

Consitution Day At Madera!


Constitution Day at madera!

By 4th grader, Cole S.

Hey everybody!  Welcome back to school!

Constitution Day is on September 17th.

For the past two weeks, we the mustangs have been making class flags to represent our classrooms.  Monday morning we had an assembly and we got to march around the black top with our class flags for everyone to see!  Everybody cheered!

In September, us students have been learning all kinds of new things about the United States Constitution. We’ve been learning things like: what the Constitution means, what the Preamble is,  what the Articles are, what the Ammendments are, who wrote the Constitution, what is says, and who the Framers are.  During this process, we’ve been learning about the state flag and the American flag.

File Animated-Flag-California.gif - Wikimedia Commons            File Animated-Flag-USA.gif - Wikimedia Commons


The state flag stands for California and it’s freedom.

The US flag stands for the country and our freedom in it. The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 states of America. The 13 stripes on the flag stand for the 13 original colonies.

            Happy late Constitution Day!


Music is Marvelous!

Music Is Marvelous!

By Simran D.

In room B7, my class has music on Wednesdays. But, I think our music is a lot more fun and interesting than last year. It all started off on my first music date. Instead of doing the normal, (learn the notes, talk about instruments, etc…), we did something a little bit different. We played a memory game! Sounds pretty normal, except the fact that we had to remember that bacon were the straps of our shoes and we were surrounded by eggs! Music teacher, Mr. Ellison, gave us a whole series of trying to remember that hot-dogs were hanging from the ceiling and things like that! The first lesson was crazy!

Class B7’s second lesson was pretty normal. We did not have enough time to do anything crazy, so we just went over learning the beats of some music notes. The last lesson I did, me and my class had to sing a song. But of course, that song was the opposite of normal! In fact, the song was pretty cruel. It was about a man who saw this cat and it would not stay away. He did some pretty cruel things to make sure it did not come back. This included sailing a boat across that country with the cat on it, putting the cat in an angry pit of dogs, and even getting the cat abducted by aliens. But every single time, the cat came back! It's kind of creepy. But, that's music for you. I really love how fun and exciting music is, and you just don’t know what's going to happen next! I really love that lesson so much. Thank you Mr. Ellison!


By:Chris F.

Welcome to sports! This is Where your going to find the most popular sports for upper grades at Madera Elementary school. The most popular sport is soccer. ⅖ people play soccer.⅕ play baseball. ⅕ play basketball.⅕ plays football.

I also asked when do you do your homework? ⅘ people do their homework after school. ⅕  does it towards the night.

I asked how many days  do you practice? Practice is important for sports. It helps you get better for the games.⅗ people practice two days a week. ⅖ people practice 3 days a week. As the year goes on I will keep interviewing students. Thank you for reading my article!

Circle of Friends

Circle of FRiends!

By 4th grader, Cole S.

Hold, On - Free pictures on Pixabay

Yesterday, Madera Elementary had their first Circle of Friends meeting!

What’s Circle of friends, you ask?  Well, your about to find out!

Circle of friends is where a group of kids meet up to become friends with other kids. They meet up every wednesday during lunch and lunch recess in room C3.  You can go there if you feel the need that you want more friends, or… you can go there to be a roll model for other kids and give them someone to become friends with.  

Thank you to the role models that give up their time to help others.

If you’re friendly or you want more friends, join the program!


A Day of Worship

By Liz L.

Once a month a group of youth and their leaders have a gathering in which they praise and pray to Jesus Christ. There were exactly 6 youth and 2 adults those adults are the leaders. A teenager named Stephanie preached and taught about fear, she said, “Everyone of us has a fear but if we have Jesus that fear will no longer exist.”

That day Stephanie and another teenager known as Stephanie's younger sister Mia sang Precious songs that night all christian. Yoana one of the group leaders said, “The songs were very good, I loved the gathering and I truly felt the presence in me.”

That night they also watched a christian movie named Finding Normal. The group said, “We loved the movie it was both funny and nice.”

Oscar the other group leader said, “The gathering was a great evening in which everyone was fulfilled with the Holy Spirit and our strength was renewed, but most of all we had the opportunity to pray together for our brothers and sisters in the east after all the awful things that have happened with the hurricanes hitting Texas and Florida as well as our brothers and sisters in Mexico, that are suffering after the earthquake, I truly hope that all of us that are not going through any of those catastrophes can come together in prayer for our brothers and sisters, after all faith and hope we still have.”

The teenagers said, “The food was great and the gathering was great too.” Secia a teenager who loves Jesus let all that was bothering her out and she said that helped her alot. Jesus is a touching Person according to this group. He sacrificed his life for our sins to be forgiven.