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Helpful Advice

Helpful advice

By: Simran D. and Kayla M.

I know everyone has problems about bullying, organizing time, and friendship. That's why I'm going to give my advice in what to do in certain situations!

I’ll give some tips like first, asking them to stop bullying you. If that doesn’t work, then try to get out of the situation and go directly to a yard supervisor or a grown-up. Don’t ever let someone bully you, and if someone is bullying you, it is probably because: You are smaller, and/or they are getting bullied too. I can think everyone at some point has been bullied, and it doesn’t feel good, so why keep doing it?

OK! Time to move on, with… FRIENDSHIP. Everyone should have a friend. Someone -you can trust, someone that will share with you, someone you don’t mind seeing a lot.  If you’re STILL not sure what a friend is yet, here is what a friend ISN’T: Hits you, smacks you, punches you, etc., brags or shows off, doesn’t share, you know, that stuff. You want to be friends with people that are kind and caring, not a bully, right? Right. There is one more problem with friendship, and that is if you lose a friend. If you lose a friend, don’t worry! There is always

someone in the world who will want to be your friend. If you want to still be that person's friend, talk it over and try to solve your issue.

Ok, now for the last piece of advice: Organizing Time! Now, in class, most people have agendas to organize homework. But, a lot of the time, people don't know how to organize time and how to get everything done. That is why I highly recommend to get a planner. It's basically a to-do list! When you have a tight schedule, plan everything to fit your time! This includes: homework, sports, reading, friend time/family time, etc…

Still have advice questions? Maybe we will answer them next time.

So make sure to follow this advice, because it's helpful, and it's free!


Meet The New Student



This year there a lot of new kids in the school.Alexa M. is one of them. She is kind and nice to everyone. She is in 5th grade.She is in Miss Beltran’s class. She moved from Camarillo. Her school in Camarillo was La Mariposa. She has one elder brother. Her favorite hobby is reading.Her favorite sport is soccer.She likes everything about the school Madera.Her favorite subject is science.She had a lot of friends in her school in Camarillo. Alexa has made new friends in Madera too.


Hispanic Heritage

Hispanic Heritage

By Samantha and Rita


Hispanic Heritage Month is the time between September 15 to October 15. It is a time to recognize people from Hispanic and Latino heritage. It was started in 1968 by President Lyndon as Hispanic Heritage Week. Then it was made as Hispanic Heritage Month in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan. It marks their independence of these five Latin American countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras,these follow after Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, and Belize’s independence. It celebrates how Hispanic and Latino who influenced our nation and society. In 2010 about 50 million people or population are Hispanic or Latino. There is a El Barrio Latin Jazz festival in New York. That is all about Hispanic Heritage Month.


Issue #002

Meet The Teacher

Meet the teacher!!!

By: Chris Fenerty

Last week I interviewed Mrs.Barnett. She had very interesting answers.

1. How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching for 14 years.

2. A student throws a pencil across the room. What do you do?

If a student throws a pencil across the room, I would first question the student to see why the pencil was thrown. There could be numerous reasons for this. And finding the reason would help me in explaining why he or she should not do that again. I would also give a warning, that if it was done again then I would have to contact his or her parents.  

3. What were you like when you were a student?

This is a fun question! lol And I bet you'll be surprised by my answer. ;) I was a TALKER!! Throughout my elementary years and middle school years, I loved to socialize. But, I was one of those students who could socialize and still get my work done. I loved school and I loved to learn. I hated to get called on if I didn't raise my hand, which is why I rarely do that to my own students. Only sometimes. :) I also did not like to get up in front of the class and do presentations. It made me really nervous. But, when I did it and was successful, it made me feel good that I went through with it. I was also a good friend and I made sure that if there was a new student at our school, we became friends. It was important to me that I make my friend feel welcomed. I knew that's what I would want from someone else.

4. What do you do to calm an angry parent?

To calm an angry parent, it's important that their message is being heard, otherwise they are less likely to calm down. So, validating their feelings is important. Not necessarily agreeing with what they are saying, but showing them you understand where they're coming from really helps.

5. How do you feel about teaching?

I think team teaching is a great choice to have if the circumstances are just right.

6. What part of this job scares you?

What scares me about being a teacher is that I am responsible for the safety of all of my students at all times. So, field trips make me nervous. I don't like the fact that my eyes may not be on every single one of my students like they are in the classroom. It's definitely good that we have parent volunteers to help us watch the kids. But, it still makes me nervous.  

7. Do you make learning fun for students? How?

I make learning fun for students by creating lessons I know they will enjoy. I also bring in laughter whenever I can. I remember learning the most, as a kid, from my teachers who got me to laugh. But, most importantly, I feel that having a strong connection with my students is the key to a successful year. I listen to my students and I find something that we have in common. This is really helpful when building a safe and comfortable learning environment for my students.

8. Describe your college experiences.

    My college experiences were the best! I really enjoyed my independence as a student. I loved the challenge of my difficult courses and I enjoyed meeting new friends that I still have today.

9. Describe three weaknesses as a teacher.

Three weaknesses I have as a teacher are: letting other teachers/parents help me, sometimes I procrastinate, and sometimes I have piles of important things throughout the classroom, because I don't always have the time to put it away or even to go through it. I have always been a very independent person doing things on my own, so it's very difficult for me to let others in to help me. And often times, I work better by myself. When I was a student, I always chose to do a big assignment on my own rather than in a group. I actually hated doing group work. There are times where I procrastinate because I do better under pressure. But, there are times I am not like that and I get it done in advance. I guess it depends on the task. :) Having piles of stuff around my classroom really bothers me, yet it seems inevitable. There are so many things teachers have to do that the piles in our room accumulate until the point we can no longer take it and we stop what we're doing and clean it all up. lol!

10. What was the most satisfying moment throughout your student teaching?

The most satisfying moment throughout my student teaching was being able to watch and learn from the teachers I was student teaching for. It was exciting to see what it was going to be like as a teacher myself. The advice they gave me on my own teaching, I remember to this day and is still great advice!


    I was very happy to Interview Mrs.Barnett. I learned a lot about her and I hope you did, too! Keep reading Madera Mustangs!


Study Buddies

By Amber Kaul


Some classes have  a period where they get together with littler kids. Its called study buddy time.  Some things that we do with our study buddies are mystery science, ar tests , reading,playing and just helping them out when they need it. Today I went around asked a few kids who have older study buddies these questions:


What is your favorite things to do with your study buddy?

What is something you would like to do with your study


Why did you choose the study buddy that you have?

What do you like about your study buddy?

What do you like to play during free time with your buddy?

          Would you like to make a shout out to your buddy?


    Most of the kids said that their favorite thing to do with their study buddy is crafts,build, and a play date.They choose their study buddies that they have because they had seen them before,knew who they were and made the decision based on those two facts.They would like to play games,tag and computers with their study buddies during freetime.


Some things that the little kids  said that they liked about their study buddies are they play with them a lot,they’re nice and funny and help lots. They like their older buddies because they are nice,sweet, and like to have fun.


    Finally,I would like to thank Mrs. L 's class for  making this article possible. Some of the younger students came up with some shout outs to say to their study buddies: Rita you are the best study buddy  ever. Eddie you are like a brother to us.Celine you're very sweet. Naomi we like you alot and your very nice.Amber you are very kind.



Friendly Faces of Madera

Friendly Faces of Madera


Colton K.

Did you know one of our teachers is Canadian?  She has been teaching for 20 years and some of you may have already guessed but we are talking about Mrs. Kelemen.   She grew up in Toronto, Canada and moved to California in 1992 but didn’t move to Simi Valley until 2002.  She has a husband, two boys and two cats.  Her cats are names Luke and Leia named after some favorite Star Wars characters of course.  Her boys Austin and Colton keep her very busy with soccer and hockey.  There is a rivalry in the house with the LA Kings and the Toronto Maple Leafs or Team Canada - Team USA which makes hockey games exciting.   As a family they love to travel to different parts of the United States to see new things and try new foods.  When she is not busy teaching or taking kids to practice she loves to bake and read.  She secretly wishes she could open a bakery but also wants to learn to play the guitar.  She started her teaching career as a swim instructor moving on to tutoring, campus supervision, math tutor and then an elementary teacher.  She said she wanted to teach to inspire the future and she gets really excited when she sees the light bulb go off in a student’s mind.  This is her fourth year at Madera and she loves how all the students are so eager to learn new things. One of the things she really enjoys about teaching at Madera is that she is part of a team and everyone helps each other.  Mrs. Kelemen hopes to continue to inspire students and help them be the best they can be.  Some of you may not know I am also her son.



Meet The New Student

Interviewing a new student

By Walid A.


Today I interviewed a new student and her name is Ainsleigh.


She used to live in Rhode island, she used to go to a school named Holloman Elementary, what she missed most was her best friend, she didn’t like her school though, she is in 6th grade, she liked this school because of how nice the teachers are and the friends that she has, her favorite color is blue, she said she doesn't want to go back home because she likes it here, she is 11 years old, she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, her goal this year is to get to 100 or 200 AR points, her favorite part of the school day is when the school is over but her favorite subject is math because it's challenging.


I learned about a new kid today, I hope you did too.


Advice Column

Advice Column Notification

By Carly T.   10-9-17

Soon I will bring the Advice Column box in the office.  If you ask a question and it's not on the Newspaper dont worry. You can ask again and I will try to get your question answered. If you did not read the rules please read issue One. Every Monday the box will be empty. So I will look at your amazing questions!!!

Harvest Festival

Here comes the Harvest Festival!

By 4th grader, Cole Shulman


    Our favorite fundraiser of the year is back!

    That’s right, the Harvest Festival almost here.

    The Harvest Festival is an after-school Madera tradition where all the kids come after school in their Halloween costumes. You can buy tickets and play all types of fun games, and play in bouncy houses, or go in the HAUNTED cLASSROOM!

    There is also a silent auction and a bid for class goody bags. You could win some amazing prizes.

    There are food trucks so you can eat there (and have dessert).

    What better event is there? You donate to our school while having a great time! It’s a win, win!

    Hopefully we’ll see you there!


Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival

By Riley G.


At the Harvest Festival you can have so much fun.You can go on the slides and you can play the games. There is also the cake walk. It is so fun I do it every year ,But sadly I never win the cake . And you can go on the swings too,and the playground. But there is one thing I love about the Harvest Festival and it is the Haunted house. And the snacks are amazing. Also there is a lot of ways to volunteer. The Harvest Festival is open till 430 to 8.


When BMX Came to School

When BMX came to school      

By Shyann Herrera

These 2 months I have been attending Madera Elementary the coolest   part I have seen was the BMX show . When the BMX came to school and did their show it was awesome what they did . Did you see how they did flips in the air ? It was amazing . You know what was more amazing ? They even jumped over Mrs.Dennert with their bike . Those tricks were so cool and crazy . I have never ever seen someone do tricks with there bike more amazing than that. What I saw and everyone else saw was fantastic. If I did that I would hurt myself , only professionals can do bike tricks like that .  


Editorial: Is it Cool To Ban Tag?

Is It Cool To Ban Tag?

By Sophia C.

Is it fair to ban tag from school? I have chosen different students to tell me their opinion and reasons. I will ask them why they think they should ban or not ban tag. Our parent’s generation got to play this satisfying game why can't we? Violet Bedard says “tag should not be banned only if the kids are not hurting each other or pushing”. Layla Calderon says “tag should not be banned but to only be played on the grass and a light touch not a push”. So i have to say it should be okay to play tag just make sure you be careful not to hurt someone.



What Kids Are Reading

What are kids reading

By Violet B.


Best series in Madera

I have been talking to kids on the yard and been asking them about what their series is their favorite.Here are what some kids and adults are saying.Layla C. said her favorite series is diary of a wimpy kid. Sophia C. said percy jackson and the Hunger Games is her favorite series.Mrs.Dennert said her favorite book series is Harry potter. Katelyn Minghelli said her favorite book series is the Astiltion.Our Madera president ,Dillon Schaffner said his favorite series is Harry Potter.


Favorite Authors


    Harry Potter’s  author is J. K.Rowling.The Hunger game’s author is Suzanne Collins.The  Diary of a Wimpy Kid author is Jeff Kinney.Jeff Kinney is the author of Percy Jackson


Thank you for listening