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Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights

By Cole S.

    The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments of the Constitution. They state rules, laws and governmental power. Here is an example using the first amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”, meaning nobody can tell you what you can say or not say, what religion you have to be in or that you can’t have your own opinion. The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791. The first ten amendments were written by James Madison. The Bill of Rights helped to make our country how it is today.

Book Review

Book Review

By Simran Dhillon


    Books. Books can teach us powerful meanings, or can be completely science fiction. We use books at school, to do math or learn english and grammar. But most of our favorite books are just what we read for fun. Sometimes, there are books that we like more than others. But a lot of the time, it’s hard to decide which books we like the best. Book reviews can help us decide if a book is just right for you. And that is why I'm writing a book review myself. I hope you enjoy reading about the book I chose to review, and if you like the review you can try out reading the book yourself.


So here it is: Book Scavenger, written by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman.


    Book Scavenger is a book to love! With 343 pages, it’s sure to keep you reading for a good while. The A.R. reading level is from 4th grade to 8th grade. The genres are adventure, crime, danger, and mystery. Put all together, this book is filled with excitement and you just won’t want to put it down. What is it about, you’re asking? Well lucky you, I was just about to say! This book is about a girl called Emily and a boy called James. Both of them participate in a book quest hosted by their author idol, Mr. Griswold. But when he gets shot, it’s up to them to find and complete their quest to find the hidden treasure and locate the shooters of Mr. Griswold. It all depends on them to finish the quest before it gets into the wrong hands. To make matters more difficult, the shooters want that treasure at the end of the quest but know that Emily and James want it too. Since the kids are closer, smarter, and know how to look at clues carefully, the shooters decide to follow them and get led to the treasure. Questions corner this book like,’Will Mr. Griswold survive the shot?’ or,’Who will find the treasure first?’ A bunch of other setbacks fall on Emily and James, but they will just have to push through. Believe me, this book is crazy exciting!

    After you read this book, if you really liked it…there is a sequel, just as exciting as the first book, and it’s called ‘The Unbreakable Code’.

I hope this book review persuaded you to give this novel a try. You won’t be disappointed! Bruh nice!


Book Review

Book Review

By Trisha S.

Owl diaries

The Wildwood Bakery


The Owl diaries series is written by Rebecca Elliott. The Wildwood Bakery book is about an owl named Eva who hears from her friend Macy that her sister needs a special chair. So Eva’s class tries to raise money to buy the special chair for Macy’s sister Mia. Amidst the competition for raising money comes a story of working together for a good cause. I would recommend this book to readers who like adventurous books.From one to ten star rating I would rate this book 10 stars. The book is colorful for young readers and it is about owls  It keeps the reader interested to know what happens next.   

Enjoy reading!!     

Book Review

Book Review On Lucky Strike

By: Kayla Miller


Hi Everyone! I’m your book reporter Kayla Miller. Today you will be hearing about my favorite book, Lucky Strike. This book is a good book to read during your last years in Elementary School, like 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. This book is about one of the unluckiest kids in the world, who hasn’t even won a coin toss. For his eleventh birthday, he wishes to be lucky, like every single year before that. He invites his friend to the local golf course, and since he is so unlucky, it starts to rain. When he raised his golf club to swing, he got struck by lightning. This changes everything. Ever since he got struck, he has been super lucky: His breakfast wasn’t burnt, the milk wasn’t spoiled, and he didn’t crash on his bike. Best of all, he even won a coin toss. He starts hanging out with lots of other people too, and his old friend feels left out. One day, another big storm comes, and she goes out and wants to be struck by lightning


Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights

By. Walid.A


The Bill of rights is one of the most important history for the U.S, it involves everything that makes us here, like the freedom of religion, freedom of speech and alot more, it's really important to learn about this because without these bill of rights we wouldn’t be a free country, so i’m thankful for these bill of right, our freedom is in the bill of rights.


A lot of the bill of rights are important, not just s lot, all of them are important, but my favorite bill of right is the freedom of speech, because Martin luther king junior used that speech to be important, he used that speech to get everybody there freedom, thats how important the bill of rights are.


October: Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

By: Kayla M. and Simran D.


Hispanic Heritage Month. This October, we are celebrating the month for Hispanic Heritage and these are some examples of what somethings happening.


For instance, there is a huge art contest going on at our school. Lots of participants are competing against each other to make the best Hispanic person -styled poster or drawing they can. There is no prize, but it is still cool to learn about Hispanic Heritage Month while using your artistic powers to reveal it for a competition.


Some people who are famous and hispanic are Christina Aguilera, a singer, Cesar Chavez, an american rights activist, and Jennifer Lopez, another singer.

Another person, is who Google chose to tribute. One thing to do with this month is that Google’s front page is changed. Every month they change the front picture/video to something relevant for that month. This month, they changed to a video about a singer called Selena Quintanilla. She was born April 16, 1971 and was born in Texas. She won the Grammy Award for best Mexican-American album in 1993. People called her the ‘Mexican Madonna’ and ‘Queen of Tejano’. Tejano is a type of Mexican music which works with other styles, such as pop or country. She is very inspiring for people with a hispanic background and it is excellent that Google did a doodle-animation in honour of Selena and this month. She was sadly murdered in 1995. She is still an icon people look up to today.



Issue #003

The Earthquake Drill

The Earthquake Drill

By Colton K. and Andrew.M

    Madera practiced an emergency drill on Friday, November 3.  After getting under a table in our class we evacuated to the field and other safe places.  All the teachers did attendance and got out their tarps for students to sit on.  Mrs. L’s advice is to stay calm, exit when it is safe and follow directions.  Many of the teachers say with practice we will get better.  For people who don’t have a plan at home you have an emergency bag with supplies, water and someone to call out of the state.  Teachers should have a pair of safe shoes in their car, just in case.  If we should have an earthquake Madera is ready, are you?

For more information on Earthquake safety and being prepared check out the website below.

Survey Results

  • 8 out of 12 people had an emergency plan for home
  • 11 out of 12 people think Madera is ready for an emergency

Candy for the Troops

Candy for the Troops

By Katelyn Minghelli


The troops almost never eat candy. That is a little sad. So this year we are doing something just for them. So what we are going to do is our school will be gathering candy for the troops. Is that nice or what. So this is going to be big for everyone. So bring as much candy as you can and we will not eat all of it. That was just a joke by the way. But if you could just fill up 1 or 2 bags that would be nice for the troops and us. This is even more cool to me because I was the person that suggested this and I am really happy that we are doing candy for the troops. So if you cao round up as much as you can it would be amazing.



Something else that  you can do that is so awesome is  if you write your name on these they will send a letter back to you. Once my brother sent sixlets and a letter came back telling him that the sixlets he sent him was something that his grandma gave him . Is int that so cute. It is also really fun to do. It will make you and the troop that got it very happy. I am really glad that I can share my family tradition with my school.




Meet Ms. Beltran

Meet Ms.Beltran

By Liz L.


  • What inspired you to start teaching?                                        

“My mom was a teacher so i think that’s what inspired me.”

  • Do you feel your teaching can inspire students to become teachers?

“ I think so.”

  • How long have you been teaching?

“ This is actually my first year.”

  • What is your favorite subject? Why?

“ History because of how you learn how things happened.”

  • When you were young did you want to be a teacher? If not what did you want to be?

“I wanted to be a Doctor in second grade but in middle school i realized i wanted to be a teacher.”

  • What is the best part of your job?

“ My favorite part is working with kids.”

  • Do you have a favorite book or series? If you do,which one?

“ I would say the series of The Land Of Stories.”

  • Do you enjoy being a fifth grade teacher?

“ I really do, I love to be a fifth grade teacher.”

  • What is your favorite movie?Why?

“ I would say Disney movies because they always have positive messages.”

  • What is your favorite color?

“My favorite color is orange.”

  • Where did you grow up?

“I grew up in Agoura, Hills

  • When were you hired?

“ I was hired September 14th.”

  • Do you have any siblings?

“ Yes,I have a older brother.”

  • Who is your favorite athlete?

“ I would say Magic Johnson.”

  • What are your favorite shows?

My favorite shows are Rugrats, Spongebob, and Scooby-Dog Dragon Balls.”

  • What was your school like?

“ My school was different there was strict teachers, we couldn't move around and no talking.”

  • What is your favorite number?

“ My favorite number is 13.”

  • Where would you like to go?

“ All the Disneylands in the world.”

  • What is your favorite thing to do at Madera?

“ I would definitely say P.E.”

  • Do you like to help a lot?

“ Yes i am a helper.”

  • What is/are your favorite animal?

“ My favorite animals are sharks and turtles.”

  • What are some memories you can never forget?

“ Going camping with my family, going fishing at mamoth,


Veteran's Day Timeline

Veterans Day- Remembrance & Importance...

By Andrew Mehta


We started Veterans Day On Nov. 11, with parades and Old Glory T-shirts, with salutes to those who served and prayers for those who fell.It wasn’t always a holiday, it wasn’t always on Nov. 11 and, at first, it wasn’t even called Veterans Day. The original intent, established in the wake of World War I, was to celebrate world peace. Then the wars never ended, so Veterans Day changed.The United States previously observed Armistice Day.The U.S. holiday was renamed Veterans Day in 1954.


Let’s start from the beginning.

Nov. 11, 1918

At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, fighting between the Allied Forces and Germany stopped, putting an end to the bloodshed of World War I per the terms of an armistice agreement signed in France that same day.


Nov. 11, 1919

On the one-year anniversary of the armistice agreement, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation commemorating Nov. 11 as Armistice Day.


June 4, 1926

Congress passed a resolution urging state governors to observe Armistice Day with “thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to perpetuate peace through goodwill and mutual understanding between nations.”

At the time, 27 states had already made Nov. 11 a legal holiday.

May 13, 1938

More than a decade later, Congress made Armistice Day an official holiday dedicated to world peace.

June 1, 1954

World War I was not the war to ends all wars, and lawmakers believed that veterans from World War II and the Korean War also deserved their own day of remembrance. So President Eisenhower signed a bill changing the name of Armistice Day to the more inclusive Veterans Day, a holiday to thank all who had served the United States of America.

Oct. 12, 1954

Eisenhower published a proclamation in the Federal Register, instructing citizens to recognize Veterans Day on Nov. 11.

June 28, 1968

Fifty years after the armistice agreement, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1968, which moved Veterans Day from its original Nov. 11 date to the fourth Monday in October.


Sept. 18, 1975

Congress passed a bill changing the observation of Veterans Day back to Nov. 11, where it has remained for the 42 years since.

Much has changed in the 98 years since Armistice Day was first observed.

Now we honor not just servicemen, but servicewomen. Our wars are not fought with cannons, but with drones. The war to end all wars didn’t end war at all. Soldiers have fought and died all over the globe.

But through the past century, despite its different names and dates, the purpose of Veterans Day has remained the same — to say thanks.


Picasso at Madera

Hispanic Heritage month

By:Chris F.

My class mrs.Byron in A4 did picasso art for hispanic heritage month. The picasso art me and my classmates did extraordinary work. When I looked at them I saw some very interesting work. There were groots, zombie skeletons and much more! Mrs.Byron's class which is my class did really well on it. If i could grade it I would've given them an A+. If the whole school did one I still would've given them an A+ too!


Diego Rivera

By Colton K.


I Diego Rivera was born in mexico.As a kid he loved to draw art work.As a big boy he sailed across the ocean and drew some of the stuff he and some of it is famous today. He learned how to draw with easy shapes in paris. Somebody asked him to come back to  mexico to paint murals to show the mexican world. He painted the murals on big walls with help from a few people. On the walls of a government building he made a  murals of the mexicans trying to be free from the spain king. He also painted some of their dances . by the time he died he had made a lot of stuff for the world to see.



Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

By 4th grader, Cole Shulman


    For Hispanic Heritage Month, Madera asked us students to make a peice artwork for a contest. The artwork has to be about something mexican.

    As a student at Madera, I made a picture. I bought a peice of bark paper to mimic the old Mate Paintings the Mexicans used to make. I sketched the sillouette of a small bird. I colored it in with bright, vibrant water-color ink pencils. Soon, I cut out the bird and pasted it on the bark paper. I made a golden design in the bacround, but it didn’t show well on the bark paper. I figured I needed a break to think abou t what to do.

    I did some research on mate paintings and looked at pictures of them. I noticed that all of them were almost completely filled with color.

    I made some plants on the ground on the bottom of the paper. It still wasn’t full enough, so I mixed paints and got different colors. I used the colors I made to put abstract lines in the backround. It looked like a Mate Painting now.


Advice Column

Advice Column Questions

By Carly T

We have set up the advice column box recently in the office so be sure to ask a question!


Question: “ What can the students of Madera Elementary do to make this school a better place? -K.H”

My answer: “ Well, we can pick up trash for a clean school, and Definitely be kind to others including you.”


Question 2: “ Why can’t we wear costumes to school? -R.U”

My answer: “ Well costumes are usually really distracting to other kids. It can stop them from learning half the time. We don’t want to do that!”


Question 3: “ Why can’t we play tag at school? -C.G”

My answer: no one wants to fall and get hurt, or get in a fight if somebody says they were not touched. Tag is fun, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”


Question 4: “What should you do if your friends are being mean to someone else in your class? What if you are worried your friends will be mean to you if you stick up for the other person?”

My answer: Well you shouldn’t be a “bystander.” You should be a Upstander. I mean, your friends are wrong for doing that. Show that to them! Be a friend to the other person! ( the bonus on that is that it is a extra friend ;] ) take advantage of a lesson you can teach!


That’s it! Make sure to put a question in the box at the office and I will put as many questions on as possible! :)


Meet Mrs. Cadwell

By Shyann H.

The person I interviewed is my teacher Mrs. Cadwell. What matters most to Mrs. Cadwell in life is the Six Bills of Rights , Family ,  friends , and her horses. When Mrs . Cadwell is not teaching at school she likes to spend time with her family . Mrs . Cadwells biggest fear is being on high places ( she scared of heights ) and she overcame the fear of heights by climbing high places like mountains . The person who influenced Mrs . Cadwell to be a teacher at Madera Elementary was her grandpa . The favorite fiction book author that Mrs . Cadwell likes are Louis Sachar , Patricia Polacco , Kate Dicamillo , C.S Lewis , Carl Hiaasen , Elizabeth George Speare , and Christopher Paul Curtis . Mrs . Cadwell's favorite fast food restaurant is Baja Fresh . Mrs . Cadwell’s funniest moment in her life is when she and her brother tease each . The scariest moment in Mrs . Cadwell’s life was when she broke her themer . Mrs . Cadwell own  two horses at where she lives . Mrs . Cadwell stays up to 11 : 00 at night grading A - 7 students papers . Mrs . Cadwell has been teaching at Madera Elementary for twenty - three years now ( is a lot of years to be teaching as a teacher ) . During those twenty - three years Mrs .Cadwell has taught kindergarten , second grade , and fifth grade . Mrs. Cadwell’s favorite grade to teach is fifth grade . Math is Mrs . Cadwell’s favorite subject to teach as a teacher at Madera Elementary . Mrs . Cadwell’s favorite celebrities are Sam Elliott , and Tom Selleck . Mrs . Cadwell’s favorite disney character is Pluto . Mrs. Cadwell’s favorite hobby to do is ride her horses . Mrs . Cadwell’s favorite animal are horses and dogs . Mrs . Cadwell was born in California . Mrs . Cadwell’s favorite place to go camping is anywhere she can go camping . Mrs . Cadwell’s favorite colors are all colors . All the foods are Mrs . Cadwell’s favorites she says . Mrs . Cadwell’s kind of book to read are fiction books . Seven is Mrs . Cadwell’s favorite number . If Mrs . Cadwell cold travel anywhere she would travel to New Zealand . If Mrs . Cadwell didn’t become a teacher she would become a worker who trains animals for movies . Asics is Mrs . Cadwell’s favorite shoe brand . Mrs . Cadwell’s favorite candy is Reese’s  . Houses are Mrs . Cadwell’s favorite home . Mrs . Cadwell’s favorite bug is a prayingmantis  . Those are some facts on Mrs . Cadwell .   

Meet The Teachers


An Interview with Mrs Kelemen

By Andrew Mehta


I wanted to interview Mrs. Kelemen because I have been in her class and I really liked it. Here are my questions for Mrs. Kelemen. I hope you know Mrs. Kelemen a little better after reading this interview.


When did you start teaching?


I think I have been teaching for my whole life. As the oldest of 4, I taught my younger siblings a few things. I  went on my teen years to teach T-ball and be a swim instructor. I started  working at a middle school as a class aide and tutor.Officially, I began teaching in the classroom 20 years ago. I love learning new things and teaching students new exciting things.

Were you a good student when you were little?


I was a good student. I always did my homework and try my best on everything. I was very proud to have good grades on my report cards.


What do you do in your free time?                    

I spend lots of my free time taking my boys to soccer and hockey. When I do have free time I love to bake, read and of course grading papers.


Why did you come to Madera instead of other schools?

When I transfer schools I had many choices but Madera was my first pick. My boys went here, it close to home and has great staff, PTA and of course students.


What is your favorite subject?


This is a tough one. I love teaching all the subjects but I think Reading, Math, and Science are at the top. I do love Art too!!!


Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

By Riley Barnett-Gunderson


So I went around and asked people what they did for Thanksgiving and I got a lot of different answers. I got answers like some people eat turkey and some people eat ham. And some people don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving. So I learned that a lot of people do lots of different traditions.


Student Volunteer

Interviewing a student volunteer

By Walid


Today I interviewed a student volunteer his name is Eddie.


  1. For how long have you been in this school “5 years”

  2. For how long have you been working on this job “2-3 months”

  3. What do you work on “ Returning lost and found”

  4. How old are you “11”

  5. What grade are you in “6th grade”

  6. Do you like you job? Why? “Yes, Because i like helping people”

  7. Do you have another job “Yes, Student counsel”

  8. Do you wanna do another job? What is it and why? “Not right now

  9. Is there anything else you wanna say? “ Stop losing your stuff and label everything in case you lose them because we are getting a lot of stuff in lost and found”


Today I learned about a helper in this school I hope you did too, and don't forget to label your stuff.


Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day

By Andromeda, Liz and Trisha


Veterans day is a public holiday, observed on November 11. This holiday honors military veterans. We celebrate Veterans Day on November 11 because that's the day the Vietnam World War 1 was stopped by a treaty that was signed on the 11th month, the 11th day and at 11 o’clock. Veterans Day became a national holiday in the year 1938. You know Veterans Day pays tributes to all American Veterans including Veterans who died for us. Veterans Day was not always called this it used to be called Armistice Day but in 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower changed it to Veterans Day. The date was changed to the fourth Monday of October in 1968 but then President Gerald Ford returned it to it’s proper date which is November 11th. Did you know 16.1 million living Veterans served for at least one war. Also 2 million Veterans are women. Another fact is 5.2 million served in peacetime, 7 million Veterans served during the Vietnam War, 5.5 served during the Persian Gulf War and 2 million served during the Korean War. There were 16 million Veterans who fought in World War 2 and only 558,000 are still alive. Also 6 million served in peacetime after the Korean War i think and as of 2014 2.9 Veterans received compensation for service-connected disabilities. As of 2014 3 states have more than 1 million Veterans among their population they are California with 1.8 million, Texas with 1.7 million and Florida with 1.6 million. There are many Veterans and they risk their life for us so w3e should remember them and thank the for their courage and for them protecting us. In my opinion you should right a letter to them I think they would really appreciate that.

Veteran's Day

Veteran’s Day

By 4th grader, Cole S.

    This November 11th is Veteran’s day, the day that celebrates all the men and women that risked or gave their lives for our country at World War One. We started celebrating Veteran’s day on November 11th,1919. It was originally known as Armistice Day. Veteran’s Day became a national in the beginning of 1938. Now we all celebrate it while being thankful to the ones who fought for us.

Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights                

By Andrew Mehta


The first 10 amendments to the Constitution are the Bill of Rights.The Bill of Rights is a list of limits on government power that was written by James Madison. James Madison, a member of the House of Representatives, wrote the Bill of Rights because he saw a few items in the Constitution that he did not agree with. So Mr. Madison asked Roger Sherman to add the Bill of Rights after the Constitution. Mr. Sherman objected that Congress had no authority to change the words in the Constitution itself. So Mr. Madison added to the Constitution and the added part is called the Bill of Rights. On June 8, 1789, Mr. Madison introduced nine amendments to the Constitution in the House of Representatives. Then on December 15, 1791 the 10 amendments were ratified to the Constitution. The supporters of the Constitution called themselves "Federalists. Federalists wanted the government to have more power, and the Anti Federalists did not want the government to have too much power. So therefore, James Madison is a Anti Federalist because he didn’t want the government too have a lot more power than before.This year (2017) it is the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights day. So for the Bill of Rights we now have a holiday called Bill of Rights day.

Hispanic Heritage Month

My Hispanic heritage Project

By Carly T.

My project for this month was a picasso art  piece. I made a Vampire from a movie series and all these other people i made up in a graveyard buried. What did you celebrate?