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Fun Run

The Fun Run

By Carly T. and Colton K.


If you were here last year of 2016-2017 you would know about the special event, The FUN RUN!!! If you do not not know people pay you money per lap. It can be 1$ or more and  if they say they will pay you a dollar a lap and you get 30 laps then they pay you 30$.The theme is Castle Quest. Ethan goes to a gigantic castle where the castle chefs want to make the castle a fish factory. Ethan has to make the castle free by learning how to Focus, Self Awareness, Respect, Creativity, Life Learner and, Trustworthiness. So basically that is the Fun Run.  

Lunch With Your Valentine


By Riley.B


On Valentine's day every year at school are parents come and have lunch  with us. And it is really fun. You can eat your lunch one the grass or you can eat at the tables or your parents can take you out to lunch. Your parents can bring you lunch too. You can eat in the car too. Then your  parents can play with you on the the yord. It is really really FUN.

Presidents Day

Presidents Day


By Andrew M

Presidents’ Day is an American holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February. Originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington, it is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday” by the federal government. Traditionally celebrated on February 22—Washington’s actual day of birth—the holiday became popularly known as Presidents’ Day after it was moved as part of 1971’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act, an attempt to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers. Presidents’ Day is now popularly viewed as a day to celebrate all U.S. presidents past and present.


Issue #004

The Great Kindness Challenge

The Great Kindness Challenge

By Trisha.S


The great kindness challenge starts on January 22 and ends on January 26.The great kindness challenge is about everyone being nice to each other.There is a list with kind things on them.You have to try to do everything on the list.Some of the options on the list are


  • Smile at 25 people

  • Learn to say “Hello”in a different language

  • Sit with a new group at lunch

  • Slip a nice note in your friend’s backpack

  • Hug your friend


  These are some of the options on the list that you can do for the great kindness challenge.There a lot more challenges on the list.Have fun ticking off the kind things on the list that you do.




Meet The Teacher: Mrs. Byron

Meet the Teacher: Mrs. Byron

By Chris Fenerty

  1. First, tell me about yourself.

I am excited about my new house we remodeled. I have two daughters (one is here at Madera and the other is at Sinaloa). My two new puppies keep me WAY more than busy. I’ve been teaching for 15 years. I don’t have a particular favorite sport.


  1. How do you use technology to enrich your lessons?

She likes to show her students things on the smartboard and play educational games, like Kahoot. The students all have chromebooks and on them they do all subjects.

  1. Describe one time you’ve acted as a leader.

Everyday she has to lead her students to their future, and her children.


  1. What books are you currently reading?

Surprisingly, Mrs. Byron is not a huge reader. She likes to read stuff that helps her and she loves reading good novels to the class. Currently, she is reading a book by one of her good friends, Kelly Norman.It’s about having positive self thought.

  1. Do you think you are a flexible person? Please explain.

She said absolutely, because she is always able to change the plan.

  1. What part of this job scares you?

Students that don't understand something and she doesn't know She also worries how students treat each other.

  1. Why do you want to teach in this particular district?

Because she used to go to this school for elementary school here and she lives here.

  1. Who influenced you to become a teacher?

Her first grade teacher mrs.oster.

  1. Describe your college experiences.

I went to college for music and planned on being a High School band director. I decided when I was almost done with college that being a mommy and a wife was the most important and that being an elementary school teacher would give me a better life for that.

  1. How do you feel about team teaching?

She loves it and she's done it. she only wishes both teachers were there.

Travel Writing Section

My Winter Break


By Andrew M.


My family and I had a very good time during Winter Break. First, my aunt came to visit from Henderson Nevada. She brought me a handball and a kindle as Christmas presents. Second, we hosted a Christmas party for my family. Some of my relatives visited us from Atlanta, Georgia and we had a few more family gatherings.  Finally, for the start of the New Year, 2018 my family and I went to San Diego. We had a wonderful time and my winter break was good.


Winter Break Travel Assignment

By Cole S.

The day before Christmas Eve, my grandparents surprised my sister and I by coming in town. Then on Christmas day, I got a new computer, the HP Pavilion. I really needed it because my old computer became so slow that it took almost a half hour to log on.

Once my grandparents left, we saw a lot of great movies including Pitch Perfect Three, Star Wars: the Last Jedi and The Greatest Showman.

My Winter Break was pretty cool. How was yours?


Winter Break Travel Writing


Trisha S.


During Winter Break I did not go anywhere.I stayed at home.At home I spent time with my family and went shopping.On christmas eve one of our friends came over for dinner. On christmas day I was excited I try to sneak out of my bedroom to see our presents but my mom found out that I was sneaking out. She told me to wait until my brother is awake. As soon as my brother was awake we brushed are teeth ate our breakfast and had milk. After we did all of those things we finally got to go and open are presents. I was so happy about what I got for christmas. So on New Years eve what I did was I watched the ball drop in New York Times Square on tv. There was also famous singers singing also. On New years day we stayed at home and spent time together. I had a lot of fun on my winter break vacation.

Fun Run Kick Off

Fun Run Kick Off


By Andrew M.


Hello Everybody!! The Fun Run Kick Off is on January 29th and the Fun Run is on February 7th.This years theme is Castle Quest. What is the Fun Run you ask? The Fun Run is our big spring fundraiser that helps support our arts and music programs. For the Kick Off, our principal Mrs. Dennert will announce all the rules for the Fun Run. Here is one example: A Kick Off always starts the second half of a soccer game. So the Kick Off is the start of the Fun Run. Telling from my perspective I really like the Fun Run because Madera needs money to have special occasions. So make sure you wear shorts, short sleeve shirt, water and sunscreen. Also make sure it’s in the Madera dress code!

Field Day

Field Day


By Cole S.


“If you haven’t heard yet, field day just happened,” says Christopher Fenerty, “I think my favorite thing to do was the Long Jump. I jumped 10.3’.”

“I really enjoyed the Short Run,” says Colton Kelemen.

“And I liked the Short run too,” replied Andrew Mehta, “It was fun to race other people.

“I loved the Softball throw,” answered Carly Troilo.

Field day is a fun day (as the interviews say) where you get try out all kinds of things to try to get on teams for the Junior Olympics. Which is a day where every school in Simi Valley competes to be the champion of their sports category. The different categories are the 220 Meter Dash, the Short Run, the Softball Throw, the Long Jump and Baskets for Minute.  Good luck to you other Mustangs. Go Madera!

Open House

Open House                 


By  Sophia Cano and Katelyn Minghelli


Open house is a very extraordinary night at Madera. It shows students’ efforts and hard work.  Everybody joins together, and everyone will be having an amazing time. There is a art show that parents and students can  observe their work. You can also explore other people’s classroom. Madera children and teachers have worked super hard for this open house. We hope you enjoy your Madera Elementary School visit. You also can see a some people  from the district. It is a very fun night for everyone. If you would like to come it is on 2-15-18. Please come you will have a awesome time , take your family and friend to. So they can see your hard work. Have a wonderful time     

New Math Incentive Program

The New Math Incentive Program.

By: Walid.A


Madera is making a new math program, it’s similar to the AR program but this is for math, you can earn recognition certificates but logging in a certain amount of time, like for K-1 you have to log in for 4 hours to earn the monthly recognition, for 2-3 it’s 5 hours, but for all the upper grade classes, for 4-6 its 6 hours to earn the certificate, and you can login at home or school, you are able to use the computer lab on thursdays and tuesdays, just like the AR, the reports will be run on the last friday of every month after 2:30.

And if you have any questions just wait till you get the form, I hope you are excited for the new program because i am and i hope you’ll get good grades.